Prof. Mihaela Zavolan

Institution: Biozentrum, Basel

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Professor Zavolan was one of the first computational biologists to enter the field of small regulatory RNAs, developing computational methods for annotation and prediction of miRNAs and for the prediction of miRNA targets. The most recent work in her laboratory combines experimental with computational approaches to characterize the dynamics and impact of miRNA dependent gene regulation. Mihaela


Specific Contribution to research in TargetInfectX:

Relevant for this consortium are the methods that were developed for experimental identification of miRNA binding sites and the biophysical model of miRNA-target interaction developed based on Argonaute crosslinking and immunoprecipitation data (CLIP)



Lab Members involved in TargetInfectX:

Andrea Riba, Postdoctoral Researcher

Andrea is developing a method that exploits the siRNA off-targets to estimate gene contributions to phenotype from screening experiment and comparing different tools for siRNA screen to establish a standard pipeline of analysis.

The final aim is to understand how to extract more information from the screening approach, at the level of system and single gene detection.