Prof. Peter Bühlmann

Institution: Seminar for Statistics, Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich

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Statistics and Computational Biology Peter


Specific Contribution to research in TargetInfectX:

Perturbation experiments are at the core of causal inference. With large-scale perturbation experiments, the identification and inference of causal effects is much better posed than for observational data alone. Statistical methods for large-scale single cell data will be developed for inferring causal structures and for designing future, most informative intervention experiments.

A major challenge with single cell measurements is the heterogeneity of the data: it is very likely that there are a few different unknown states characterizing different behavior at the cellular level. Complementary to the issue of having access to single cell data is the fact of having large-scale phenotypic information. Based on the latter, we aim to infer the various states of cellular behavior.



Lab Members involved in TargetInfectX:




Nicolas Bennett, PhD Student

Nicolas is studying the phenotypic readouts of all pathogens involved in the consortium to infer similarities and differences in the pathogen process. Moreover, he is aiming at reconstructing gene networks for known off-target relationships.